Thankfully, You Are a Curator of Your Karma

This is the REAL karma:

What you call your personality is really just a collection of decisions, a curation of actions. You are the sum, ongoing total of your decisions — not your circumstances.

Embrace the power of that! There is power in owning who and what you ARE:

Your good decisions, your bad decisions, your mistakes and your triumphs: these gloriously make you who you are.

Own all of your decisions, your karma: good, bad, ugly, and indifferent.

There is no duality, Platonism be damned. There is only ONE YOU, and that ONE makes decisions and acts deliberately. Feel the power of that, even when you fail.

As the poet says, “I’m satisfied with my world because I made it the way it is.”

There is power — there is FREEDOM — in that.

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