Wear Sunscreen When Bathing in Radioactive Afterglow

Notice that even though the campaign is over, Trump supporters STILL feel the need to bring up Obama and Hillary when anyone calls out Trump or his frightening team of half-wits and robber barons.

After all, what else can they do? After putting 98% of their principles and beliefs on hold so they could do their Sorcerer’s Apprentice act, they are quickly realizing what they HAD to know was true, that while such magic may seem simple and necessary, it immediately becomes impossible to control.

This is not an easy thing to come to terms with in the cold light of day, after the smoke and rubble of the campaign have been cleared away. During the mad heat of that mess, it seemed a fitting strategy to point at other candidates in hopes of lending at least some credibility to an obviously terrible, selfish, obnoxious person who (fingers crossed) just might possibly settle down and do some things that are on your pet list.

Imagine how lonely and exposed his supporters feel in the radioactive afterglow, now that everything he says and does is on him and him alone. Those other candidates (Hillary) and former leaders (Obama) are now irrelevant, but Trumpites are understandably keen on us forgetting that, hoping instead to deflect legitimate concerns and criticisms by saying, “Yeah, but what about what THEY did?” Perhaps this is the only way they can hold their heads up as they continue to support this walking pestilence on nearly every value we have all claimed to prize heretofore.

This is reason #624,987 that I hate politics. It is indeed sad and distressing to watch otherwise good, intelligent people give up so much in the name of candidacies and political policy. It is bound to have a detrimental effect on one’s psyche to abandon or marginalize beliefs that one has loudly trumpeted and called inviolable in the past, all the while knowing deep down that those beliefs and principles are supposed to endure *in spite of* the temporal comings and goings of parties and platforms. How could this not create desperate, small thinking?

And make no mistake, Trump supporters: pointing to the past instead of answering for the present (and the future) is indeed small thinking. You can do better.

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