Mind Your Step Around that Abyss!

Don’t buy into or participate in the cynical, dark version of humanity that this president ran on.
When you strike out against or hate your fellow humans because you disagree with them, you are tacitly buying into his opportunistic rhetoric.
If you’re not into respecting your fellow humans as a thing unto itself, think of it in terms of strategy: You playing into his corrosive and hateful view of humanity allows him to push that view even more, to take advantage of it in ways he has shown quite an adeptness for. He is good at NOTHING except manipulation and self-promotion, and he uses them masterfully, but only when he can bend people to his way of looking at the world. Screw that. He doesn’t get to dictate MY view of the world.
If you hate the humans who disagree with you and view them as less than you, you have become as the enemy, and you enable him to thrive.
Disagree with each other and debate if you must, yes, even passionately; but don’t operate from the field manual of this cynical-elitism-disguised-as-populism wave of antisocial hatred. It may feel good in the moment, but it is ultimately not nourishing for you or your opponents, and everyone loses.

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